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Antim Sanskar " The Last Rituals"(PG)PG

‪Antim Sanskar The Last Ritual, this enthralling psychological thriller will have you on the edge of your seat as you follow the story of a missing Nepalese filmmaker, Daya, and the determined female detective, Rakshya, assigned to find him. But with Rakshya struggling with alcoholism and a dark past, the odds are stacked against her. Meanwhile, Daya’s adopted son, Dhiraj, embarks on a solo journey to the Himalayas with a mysterious large blue bag, leaving you wondering what he could be hiding. As the twists and turns unfold, the paths of Rakshya and Dhiraj become entangled, and a gripping murder mystery emerges. Prepare to be captivated and held in suspense until the very end!

Releasing Date:       Jun 23, 2023
Run Time:    2 Hrs 5 Min
Director:    Pradeep Shahi
Genre:    Mystery
Cast:    Vijaya Lama, Deeya Pun, Pasang Lama