FCube Cinemas


Multiplexes, in their effort to create one-stop entertainment destinations, have succeeded in creating ideal spaces for high-impact advertising by extending the amount of time a customer spends in the property. This has the dual benefit of increasing the engagement of the consumer with the advertised brands. Experts say that advertising space in and around multiplexes is ideal for ground activation of marketing campaigns thanks to the captive audience that a multiplex provides.

FCUBE cinemas, is a new multiplex in town located at KL Tower - the prime center at Chabahil. The complex is equipped with the best of entertainment amenities. Location, technology usage, ambience & well designed interiors are the part of cinema viewing experience at FCUBE Cinemas. Branding at FCube shall prove effective and impressive to the targeted audience.

Circle & Dots is an exclusive marketer of on-screen and off-screen branding at FCUBE Cinemas and shall help your brand get into the mindset of your targeted audience via the most effective brand display options.

Advertising possibilities through us:

Digital Theatre Advertising (DTA):

Digital Theatre Advertising (DTA) is a commercial that appears before& during the movie show time and delivers the advertiser's message on the movie projection screen without outside distractions. This is a cost effective and a great way of hitting a captive audience. Ads are able to reach a wide variety of ages, decision makers and social groups in a relaxed atmosphere where consumers are more receptive and likely recall advertising messages.

On-Premise Branding:

On-premise branding is a branding space that is visible at various prominent places within the cinema premise and delivers a high rate of visibility to the captive audience. Strategically placed translites displays, exterior and interior view spaces make FCUBE a perfect match as your brand outlet.

Ground Activations & Promotions:

Innovative on-premise brand activation and promotions is an interactive way of advertising to the targeted audience. These activities complement and support conventional media activities. An innovation by the brand is always more than welcome.

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