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Jaari (U)U

The central characters of Jaari are Namsang (Dayahang Rai) and Hangma(Miruna Magar), a married Limbu couple. After a brief argument with her spouse Namsang, Hangma chooses to leave him by giving back his Yuparung (a sacred coin). She then marries a different man after falling in love with him. The jaari is claimed by Namsang and his family, but Hangma's family refuses to pay, forcing Hangma into slavery in Namsang's household until the jaari is paid.

Releasing Date:       Apr 14, 2023
Run Time:    2 Hrs 0 Min
Director:    Upendra Subba
Genre:    Drama
Cast:    Dayahang Rai, Miruna Magar, Bijay Baral